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Aerobics with Cheryl


$22.00 per month -- Unlimited Visits


****Friday - 2/6 - There will be a class at 11:00 am****

A.M. Combo Classes

Monday*          9:00-10:00

Wednesday*   9:00-10:00

Friday*             9:00-10:00

Saturday          9:00-10:00

*Childcare Available M, W, F mornings for an additional fee


P.M. Combo Classes

Monday            8:00--9:00

Tuesday           7:30-8:30

Thursday          7:30-8:30


Your class may include any of the following:  Hi-Lo Aerobics, Step Aerobics, and/or Cardio Kick.

All classes are taught by certified, experienced instructors.  NO additional registration fees.  We are certified by the American Council on Exercise, Exersafety,  and the National Dance and Exercise Instructor Association.